5 Ways Augmented Reality is the Future of Ecommerce.

5 Ways Augmented Reality is the Future of Ecommerce.

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360 Degree Visual

With an impending need for all customers to hold and feel the product and look at it from various angles, AR provides that opportunity to e-commerce companies. AR helps to drive sales by giving the customers the choice of visualizing the products within the confines of their homes. This is particularly true for expensive products that have longer life cycles and are long term purchases. For example if an individual wants to purchase a sofa set for their living room and are unsure of how it looks with the existing d├ęcor. In such a scenario, with AR they are able to place different sofa designs in their living room and test them out before making a purchase.

Size Matters

Ever go shopping on an e-commerce site for furniture and come back with a product that was not fitting correct. Well those days are over with AR as you can now try out the products sitting in the comfort of your homes. The great part of this is that not only can you ensure the product fits in the right space but you can also figure out what design suits your needs as mentioned previously.

User Engagement

With a high level of user engagement AR has already started working its charm in getting clients engaged. With AR the customers actively spend more time interacting with each product to understand its pros and cons and determine the feasibility of making the purchase. This leads to higher brand recognition from customers and lower returns which leads us to our next point.

Lower Returns

As customers are more engaged with your products they are able to retain more information pertaining to the product such as size, design, color, statistics etc. Since the purchase becomes an informed purchase, this leads to customers being less prone to returning the products. With e-commerce sites, one of the biggest expenses is the high volume of returns and Augmented Reality can create a dent in that percentage.


A great fact about Augmented Reality is that if a website creates a great AR experience for the customers then they are inclined to share that experience with friends and family. Therefore individuals who may not have an inclination to purchase a certain product may visit the site just to get the AR experience which can lead to potential sales opportunities that would have otherwise not existed.

These are a few of the key benefits of including Augmented Reality into your e-commerce platform and stepping into the future. If you know of any other ways that this can be beneficial then please let us know in the comments below.

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